L.P. Miller School
Code of Conduct
L.P. Miller School
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct

School Classrooms, Hallways, Computer Labs

Respect Self, Others, and Property *Be polite *Use respectful and appropriate language *Respect staff and peers *Be friendly, empathetic and accept individual differences *Respect property and equipment belonging to school or others *Clean up after yourself *Follow dress code *Wait for permission to use technological devices (cell phones, ipods, etc) *Be aware that each teacher will have their own rules regarding: - drinks - junk food - hats - technological devices *Check the printer you are printing to before you print *No eating or drinking in hallway *Please walk *Use garbage and recycle bins *Take care of your locker *Hands off others and their property (including PDA) *Refrain from wearing dirty shoes into the school * Don’t deface walls *No roughhousing *Back and upper hallways are not used for spares *No food or drink *Use computer care rules *Use appropriate volume in headphones and voice *No unauthorized games or social networking sites *Check the printer you are printing to before you print
Be Responsible and Choose to Learn *Be on time and prepared *Follow directions *Be positive *Organize work *Complete all assignments given and hand them in on time *Ask for help when needed *Respond appropriately *Listen attentively *Be on task *Participate in learning *Ask questions, volunteer answers *Give your best effort everyday *Listen quietly during announcements *Follow classroom rules *Check Students Achieve regularly to monitor progress *Read info on bulletin boards/calendar/on t.v. *No wandering during class time *Report equipment problems immediately *Return books and other materials on time *Keep room neat and orderly *Do not abuse student privileges *Log off and push in chair when done *Don’t waste paper

Out of School Activities, Bus, Washrooms, Outside on School Property

Respect Self, Others and Property *Follow school rules and guidelines *Respect, listen and respond to chaperones or hosts *Respect vehicles *School dress code still in effect *Clean up after yourself *Greet and thank your driver *Enter and exit in an orderly fashion *Monitor your volume *Follow the driver’s requests *School rules still apply *Wash hands using soap *Appropriate tone, volume, and language *Respect privacy *Leave the lights on *Use washrooms at break whenever possible *Do not use your cell phone *Refrain from standing on seat or tank *Do not loiter *Do not litter *Use equipment appropriately *Same expectations apply inside as outside *No smoking or tobacco products *Drive with care and attention *Stay off private property
Be Responsible and Choose to Learn *Be positive *Be a good school representative *Comply with safety rules *Remain seated while bus is in motion *Legs out of the aisle *Report graffiti and damage *Be ready when your bus arrives *Gather your belongings *Be tidy (using toilets, sinks and urinals appropriately) *Put garbage in cans *Tell a staff member if there is a problem *wrap sanitary products *No graffiti *Let a supervisor know if a problem occurs

Gym, Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room, Assemblies, Library

Respect Self, Others, and Property *No food, drink and/or gum *Clean up after yourself *Help take down equipment and return it to its appropriate storage space *Respect the role of caretakers *Return equipment in the same condition you receive them *Use appropriate volume *Do not touch curtains *Stay off stage *Wear scuff/skid free shoes *Sit on chairs, not table tops *Listen to the cafeteria supervisor *Clean up table/floor after eating *No food, drink and/or gum *Remove hats for formal assemblies *Do not use personal technological devices *Use appropriate applause/responses *Celebrate others success as well as your own *Listen attentively *Participate according to expectations *No food or drink *Limited or quiet talking *Follow check-in, check-out procedures *Return materials on time *Respect equipment and books *Check with librarian/teacher before colour printing *No unauthorized games or social networking sites *Check the printer you are printing to before you print
Be Responsible and Choose to Learn *Report equipment problems to gym teacher *Follow safety rules *Clean shoes only *Listen/follow directions *Change out for gym; dress appropriately *Maintain personal hygiene *Participate and try your best *Show sportsmanship *Clean microwave after use *Discard garbage when finished eating *Recycle *Put tray away *Enter/exit in an orderly fashion *Sit properly (do not lay down, recline or put feet up on chairs) *Sit where assigned *Tidy your work area *Use for study, research, homework, assigned work



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