L.P. Miller School
Mission Statement
L.P. Miller School
Mission Statement
Mission Statement

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Mission Statement
~ We believe in the provision of comprehensive programming and supports that meet the educational, social, cultural and emotional needs for every student.

~ To create a positive student-centered learning community that enables all students to learn.

~ To find sufficient time to teach for learning, teachers will become more skilled and focused on managing on-task behavior.
~ Teachers will become skilled at integrating multiple curricula. Scheduling and collaborative planning and teaching can provide increased time for instruction.
~ Leadership will be broadened and include all adults, especially staff, in the development and delivery of quality education. Leaders will be those who influence and the Principal will be a leader of leaders. The Principal will focus energy on developing a school with shared values and a shared commitment to students. The skills of this vision builder, coach, and partner will continuously be developed.
~ The focus is on learning for all while creating a balance between higher-level learning and the basic skills necessary for future success. Teachers will develop lessons directed towards the achievement of planned outcomes.
~ The assessment of student progress should be curriculum-based on criterion-referenced measures of student mastery. Monitoring of learning will be more authentic, including assessments of student's work, portfolios, and student performances. There must be a link between the intended, taught and tested curriculum.
~ The relationship between home and school must be an "authentic partnership". Through ongoing, clear communication and regular interactions with parents, teachers, and the School Community Council, we will work together to build trust and clarity of goals. The school and the parents agree on the mission and the goals of the school and the vision for each child.
~ Teachers will develop and implement adapted strategies to support student mastery, including personal program goals for students whose ability level precludes regular program success. To be successful, student and teachers must maintain high expectations of themselves. The school may need to restructure to ensure that all students learn.


501-535 6th Street East   Box 2650   Nipawin, SK, S0E 1E0   Phone: 306.862-4671   Fax: 306.752-1933  email: lpmiller@nesd.ca  Instagram: @lpmillerbears

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